The first stop on the tour was in Charlestown at Engine 32/Ladder 9. It was pouring to beat the band outside, but participants still enjoyed the visit.

The next stop was at Engine 9/Ladder 2. Engine 9 was on a call when we arrived, but returned shortly thereafter.

A photo from inside the station.

H5, a decon unit, is also stored at Engine 9's quarters.

Next on the tour was the Division 1 Headquarters. Bob Fitz braved the heavy rain to get his picture taken with Engine 10 (and Sponge Bob).

The rear of H4, which is a technical support unit and responds with Rescue 1 to all technical rescue calls.

The spare Air Suppy Unit, which is currently being used by the dive team while their vehicle is being repaired.

Rescue 1 with the right side cabinets open.

The next stop on the tour was at Engine 22. The rain started to let up, which allowed for a little bit better photo taking. The Haz/Mat unit is also kept at this station as is the Rehab vehicle, which was not in quarters at the time of our visit.

After Engine 22, the tour went to Engine 48/Ladder 28 in Roslindale.

A number of interesting vehicles are also kept in this station including Brush 48.

In the back of the station was this antique Engine 54.

And in the basement of the station was this Christie Steamer.

The next stop was at Engine 53/Ladder 16.

Our friend Bob Fitz with Ladder 16.

After Station 53, the group went to Rescue 2's quarters. Engine 42 was tied up at a training exercise.

A shot of R2 with the right side cabinets open.

A peek inside the rear compartment.

After Rescue 2, the tour contined at Engine 7/Tower Ladder 17.

And finally the last stop of the day was at Engine 39/Ladder 18 in South Boston.