UPDATED 8/25/20


Here is the IFBA 2021 Convention schdule for anyone that is interested. IFBA2021OttawaSchedule.


IFBA Member Clubs and Associate Members:

IFBA Chairman Paul Schaetzle and IFBA President Rick Short held an Emergency Meeting of the IFBA Board via video conferencing tonight. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Firehouse Expo has changed their meeting to a virtual format and the various fire services have withdrawn their support for an in person meeting in Nashville due Covid-19. Our local club, Box 55 is unable to support an in person IFBA Convention and IFBA Business Meeting this year. The Board members on the call expressed their understanding of the club’s decision and support the decision to not hold an in person Convention and Business Meeting.

Nashville Box 55 will refund all registration fees previously submitted by the registrants. Paul Schaetzle, Gerry Mahoney, and Wally Banks waived their refunds and asked their refund money be given to Box 55 to cover any loss by the club. All registrants should contact the hotel or Marriott to cancel their reservations.

Chairman Schaetzle, President Short, and Executive Vice President Banks will discuss our options and prepare proposals for the Executive Board’s consideration. The consensus plan at the meeting was to hold a virtual 2020 IFBA Business Meeting on a Saturday in October or later to comply with the IFBA Constitution and By-Laws via video conference.

We expect to hold another IFBA Executive Board video conference soon to discuss our options and make decisions which will include a new Notice to Clubs and members regarding a Business Meeting date and time to be held by video conference.

President Elect Carolyn Wignall stated that the 2021 Ottawa IFBA Convention will be held starting Sunday September 12, 2021 through Thursday September 16, 2021.


Here is an update and some information on what is going on in IFBA Region 1 from Ken Beliveau:


2020 Nashville - updated 5/31/2020
The IFBA 68th Annual Convention in Nashville has been postponed.
The new tentative dates are October 27, 28, 29 and 30. Firehouse Expo has also been postponed, their new dates are October 30, 31 and November 1. IFBA President Rick Short and Box 55, the host for this event will be negotiating with the Nashville FD, the Hotel, and the Firehouse Expo to come up with the best time and locations for the Convention. Tennessee is in a 4 phase reopening. Each phase is 2 weeks, the second phase starts Monday.
A new registration will be out as soon as all events and hotel prices have been completed. The registration looks like it will still be the $290.00. If you have already registered you will be set for October unless you need to cancel. It there are changes in the registration we will be notified. If you have a Hotel reservation CANCEL IT. The room rate is most likely changing and the Hotel may also change.

2021 Ottawa Canada
The dates for Ottawa are tentatively scheduled for September 8-11, 2021 Saturday September 2021 will be the 20 Anniversary of the 2001 attacks in NYC Would this deter you club and members from attending any part of the convention, would you leave early, would this not be a problem at all and your members attending would stay for the whole convention. Please send me you thoughts

2022 Woburn IFBA / SPAAMFAA joint Convention
The first of a kind joint Convention is being planned for June 22-25, 2022
The Hotel is the Hilton Boston / Woburn at 2 Forbes Rd
The room rate looks to be $129.00 per night
The itinerary is still being worked out but looks like Wednesday 6/22 will be opening ceremonies and delegates meeting, 6/23 bus trips, 6/24 bus trips, and 6/25 will be the muster at Shriners Auditorium.
As the Region 1 VP I will be looking for assistance from the Region 1 Clubs.

2023 Miwaukee
The Milwaukee group is beginning their work for a Convention

2024 Richmond
The Metro Richmond Flying Squad out of Virginia has put a bid in.

That's all for Conventions

You should have received the dues notice for this year
We are looking at increasing the dues for Clubs and Individuals that are members of the IFBA
Dues have not been changed since 1987.

Fire Buff of the Year
If you would like some help in writing up a member for Fire Buff of the Year please contact me and I will assist you
Each of the Region 1 Clubs should have someone that is deserving of this award

Newsletter / Website Award
Submit your self nomination of your clubs newsletter and website to Connie Spellman,
She is the new committee person for this

An update to the current IFBA brochure is being developed and will be sent out for your use when it is completed

Turnout will be back!! We have a meeting next week to get it back on track. If there is anyone else interested please contact me.
Start working on your Turnout article.

Region 1 Meeting
The Region 1 meeting this year will probably be some kind of virtual and phone call meeting. The IFBA E-board meeting was this way last Saturday and worked out pretty good. I will keep you updated on a date and time.
The meeting will include a report from each club, nominations for a Region 1 VP, updates for the region and IFBA updates.

Club Newsletters
I would like to make sure it is good with each club that the newsletters or educational links I get from you can be forwarded to the IFBA Executive Board and then can be forwarded to other IFBA Clubs???

Club Bio
I would like each Region 1 Club to please send me a Bio on your Club, what year did you start, what do you do, what is your member compliment, when do you meet, etc.

If you know of any group, individual, museum, etc. that is not a member of the IFBA please send me their information so we can speak with them. As the IFBA looks at being the Co-Host and / or host of upcoming Conventions what Cities would you like to visit? Send me a list. While being your Region 1 VP I also lead the Convention and Education Committee and am a member of the Membership Committee, Does any one have any ideas of what kind of seminars, quest speakers or education you would like to see at upcoming conventions? There are many IFBA Committees if you are interested in being a part of one contact me.

Stay safe everyone, keep your six foot distance, cover your month and nose when you are out, wash your hands.

If you know of anyone else that should be in this e-mail group send me their e-mail

We can still go to fires.

Kenneth F. Beliveau
IFBA Region 1 VP